I especially love being included in my son’s care!  PTS has taught not only my son how to have fun while learning new skills but also taught our family how to have fun while helping him.  I think of our PTS teachers as part of our family, they are so special to us.  They have helped us help our son!  PTS is our weekly, fun, school, play day.  – Easton’s mom

Day after day, my child’s strength is improving.  The day we started, my child couldn’t stand, but today he can walk without a walker.  Pediatric Therapy is doing a great job.  They have well-trained staff with a good heart.  I am very thankful for the service they are giving my son.  – Mohamed’s dad

PTS has a wonderful staff that is all willing to help with anything you may need.  Because of the expert therapists and assistants, my son now has multiple ways to communicate his needs and wants.  He has grown with leaps and bounds due to PTS’s advanced ideas of attacking issues with multiple therapeutic techniques.  I would recommend PTS to anyone! – Taylor’s mom

“Ben comes to PTS for Physical Therapy Services because he has a partially paralyzed leg from an illness he had when he was 5 months old.  He has had therapy to help him learn to stand, walk, climb stairs, ride a trike, and move like any other two year old.  His has been a huge help in also finding the right bracing and equipment to keep him moving.  When Ben started at PTS he was just learning how to crawl.  Now he can stand on his own, walk with a walker, go up and down stairs and is learning to walk with forearm crutches.  Ben enjoys coming every week to ‘Kim’s house’ as he calls PTS.”  – Ben’s mom

“He was finally able to communicate with teachers, daycare providers, and family and was developing relationships with friends…They have contoured services to my son’s skills and needs.  We have celebrated successes and struggled through lows, but we have all done it together.” – Carson’s mom

“They have set meaningful goals specific to Adam to help him reach his potential.  They are always looking ahead to what he will be able to do next.  Through PTS we have been connected to other community resources that have been very beneficial to Adam as well.   As a family we feel that Adam’s therapists are patient and care about him.  They have built a relationship with Adam so much so that it is one of his favorite places to be!  Overall, we feel that PTS has helped Adam build a strong foundation for success!  It would be hard to imagine where he would be without the programming they have provided for him.  PTS truly has been life changing for Adam!” – Adam’s parents

“The atmosphere was always professional, supportive and realistically optimistic.  The professional and support staff has managed to keep the potentially frustrating work of ongoing therapy pleasant and rewarding.  There is an overriding sense that these people understand that the human body is a wonderfully created machine with potential beyond what ‘normal’ people sense, and our entire family is thankful to them for their unflagging good cheer and overwhelming competence.” – Laura’s dad

“Our daughter came to PTS for speech therapy. She wasn’t talking at the age of 2 and we knew she was going to need some help. We noticed a difference in our daughter after only a couple months. She started at PTS with a small number of words and 2 years later she is now talking in sentences. The help we received has been such a relief… We have seen great success working with an occupational therapist; our daughter is now back to sleeping through the night, even through thunderstorms. We have seen her gain so much more confidence in her capabilities, it has been a wonderful experience. Two years later she is still so excited to go to PTS!  We are so thankful for everyone at PTS and the incredible difference they have made and are continuing to make in our daughter’s life.” – Carly’s parents